3-Month ‘Get on Track’ Program

This program IS for you if:

  • You aren’t working with enough clients and aren’t making the money that you want to make
  • You are willing to be open to doing things differently than you have before
  • You are ready to step up and quit telling yourself the BS story about why your business isn’t working
  • You are ready to be accountable for your actions (or in-action)

This program IS NOT for you if:

  • You are not willing to invest in your own personal growth
  • You are not open to hearing where there may be shortcomings in your business.

During our work together, you will get:

  • An open and honest report on what I see, as an outsider, is happening in your business
  • Actionable tips & techniques that will get you (and your staff, if applicable) creating the daily habits that are necessary to having increased revenue
  • Tools, advice and guidance around the Mindset, Money and Marketing of your business
Since I began working with Donna she has taught me to see my business in a completely different way. By creating guidelines for our services my spa runs more efficiently. I’ve also received staff and management tips and effective marketing coaching. Showing me how to work ON my business rather than IN my business has proven to be the best coaching experience of all!
Business Owner

These pieces combined increase the amount you work with your clients, increase the revenue you bring in and, ultimately, lead to greater satisfaction with your life!

Month One

Includes the following:

  • 1 “Get to Know You” Discovery Form
  • 1 one-hour Incognito Salon Visit, where I watch the “goings-on” from the wings
  • 1 three-hour Plan Share
  • 1 half-hour “Needs Assessment” session with up to 4 staff members

    During this time, you and I will guide your staff members to experience for themselves what steps they can take to get themselves closer to their own goals.

  • 1 half-hour 1:1 “Keep the Focus” update at month-end

Month Two

Includes the following:

  • 2 half-hour 1:1 “Keep the Focus” updates
  • Weekly 15-minute “check-ins”
  • 1 unannounced Incognito Salon Visit

Month Three

Includes the following:

  • 2 half-hour 1:1 “Keep the Focus” updates OR 1 one-hour in-person recap
  • Weekly 15-minute “check-ins”
  • Review (from you as well as from me) as to progress made and further needs assessment. Have your goals been met?

Have you decided what you really want your life to look like?

If it’s not what you want it to be, it’s time to make a change – Yes, you can have your business and personal life the way you want it to be! Whatever that looks like – it’s different for each of us!

When you decide to make the changes, call me – Donna Eriksson – 780-995-9629.