Are you part of the 63% of small business owners in Alberta who work on your own with no one to share questions, celebrations and ideas with?

Frustrated because you’re not meeting your monthly revenue goals?

Feeling stuck and have no idea what to do next?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then join me for this fun and engaging 3-part mastermind workshop series.

Each workshop is a 3-hour investment in yourself and your business, and when we’re done you WILL have a plan that will have your business finish 2016 on the upswing!

Module I : Mindset

Mindset is everything when you’re in business for yourself.

In this part of the series you will discover:

  • The 5 W’s of business
  • Attitude
  • Belief
  • Expectations
  • Ego, Emotion and Control
  • Fear
  • Failure

Module II : Marketing

Moving from start up mode, from planning to doing.

On this day you will discover

  • Ideal client profile
  • Determining your best method of marketing
  • Networking DO’s and Dont’s
  • Team – Do I or Don’t I?

Module III : Money

We all have time…… Wrong!

On this day you will discover

  • Keys to Financial Transformation
  • Sales- What, When, How
  • The Great Referral Program Secret

Space is limited to 6 entrepreneurs!

During this Mastermind Workshop Series, you will map out your plan for your business, and in the process of sharing and getting feedback from the other participants, you will get new ideas, inspiration, and support!

You will be seeing the same people at each workshop, giving you the opportunity to make new connections and possible resource partnerships!

This Mastermind Workshop Series is for you if:

  • You aren’t working with enough clients and making the money that you want to make
  • You are willing to be open to doing things differently than you have before
  • You are ready to step up and quit telling yourself the BS story about why your business isn’t working
  • You are ready to be accountable for your actions (or inaction)

The Workshops take place August 22nd, September 30th, and October 3rd, 2016.

This priceless investment in you and your business is valued at $201.00.

Register by August 8th, 2016, to secure your spot for just $181.00!

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